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PowerRail, an M-1003 Quality Company offers a complete line of Heat Exchangers which meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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Complete line of New OEM Grade and
"True BlueTM" Unit Exchange Heat Exchangers


  • OEM approved Design and Quality
  • ISO certified and Caterpillar Bronze Certified
  • Tier 1 EPA Certified Products
  • Custom Design and Manufacturing Strengths
  • Extended Warranty

    PowerRail P/N Description

    PowerRail P/N Description
    E40036275 Single 6 Row E9544027 SW1500 Bundle Tubes
    E40017114 Triple 5 Row E9339040 4" MB Oil Cooler Core
    E40017115 Double 6 Row E8364030 4" MB Oil Cooler Core WITH Case
    D4MB Double 4 Row E9514842 6" MB Oil Cooler Core
    T4MB Triple 4 Row E9558515 6" MB Oil Cooler Core WITH Case
    S8MB Single 8 Row E9577200 PreHeater - Standard GP Style 60K
    D8MB Double 8 Row E40057079 PreHeater 60K BTU SD70
    T8MB Triple 8 Row GB4D702217P1 PreHeater
    Quad8 Quad 8 Row E8288974 10 Row AfterCooler 2 Pass 2 Flange
    G41D711033G10 31" Radiator No Tanks E8409891 10 Row AfterCooler 2 Pass 4 Flange
    G41D701689P2 31" Radiator With Tanks E40020885 12 Row AfterCooler 4 Pass 2 Flange
    G41D712040G4 42" Radiator No Tanks E40113591 12 Row AfterCooler 4 Pass 4 Flange
    G41R971400G9 42" Radiator With Tanks G128X1649 Intercooler Right - Long

    E8386654 Emergency Leak Stopper
    0.75oz Containers in Stock
    G128X1650 Intercooler Left - Long
    G128X1692 Intercooler Right - Short
    G128X1693 Intercooler Left - Short
    E9087321 Radiator Cap 2 Prong
      PRD16184458 Coolant
    Test Kit Rust Inhibitor
    E9323490 Radiator Cap 3 Prong
    E9338780 Radiator Cap 3 Prong 20PSI
    E8039994 2 5/8" x 8" Radiator Hose