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PowerRail, an M-1003 Quality Company offers a complete line of New and Re-Manufactured Traction Motors including parts and components that are mostly Manufactured in our facilities in North America to offer Quality and Service at a competitive price.

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  • Class 1 Approved
  • Internationally Approved
  • Regionals & Shortline Approved
  • Quality M-1003 Approved parts
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Experienced Staff
  • Technical Support
  • Competitive Price
  • Full Line Support Products

 D27/D37/D47   D57/D67   D77/D77B   D78  D87/D87B   D90 
 752E6   752E8   752AF   752AG   752AH   GEB 


Utilizing our M-1003 AAR OEM Verification Process

SolidWorks CAD System Engineering Staff
-Product Development
-Enhanced Designs
-Failure Analysis

Axle Caps
Bearing Caps & Housings
Flingers & Seals
Commutaor & Armature
Shims Spacers Sleeves Laminations