Engineering The Way


Our Engineering Team

The Engineering Team of PowerRail is educated, experienced, and highly capable of handling all aspects of the application. Equipped with all the latest’s software and tools, our Mechanical and Electrical Engineers work together as a team to produce some of the best products on the market.






Our Engineers have worked with many different end users on improving and updating everything from old and outdated components, to new and reliable components. In addition, we have designed components to assist customers when faced with new government regulations, such as Cab and Control Stand Modifications, Specifying New Electrical Components, and Positive Train Control (PTC).



Reverse Engineering

With the use of our unique CMM, in accordance with the latest ASTM Standards, OEM Specifications, and any customer requirements, our Engineering Team has reverse engineered thousands of OEM parts over the years.  PowerRail has several labs that assist in the testing of the material, as well as ensuring it meets certain electrical requirements. Our Engineers are experienced in studying new and old samples and designing improvements to prevent failures caused by such things as, improper material or lubrication, fatigue, or excess current, voltage and temperature.





3D Modeling

Our Engineering Team utilizes Solid Works, a state-of-the-art 3D Computer Aided Design Software. This software allows us to digitally test fit our parts before they even go into production. Using Rapid 3D proto-typing, we have the ability to produce low-cost samples in a timely manner, and proof the part before tooling is even made.



AAR M-1003 Certified

The AAR M-1003 Certification is a highly regarded mark of Quality in the Industry. It demonstrates that PowerRail and it's divisions have implemented strict Quality procedures. These procedures lead to quality parts and components being produced and delivered in a timely manner.