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PowerRail, an M-1003 Quality Company offers a complete line of New and "TrueBlue™" Unit Exchanged Engines and all the components. Our GE line is fully complete with major components including Turbos, Roots Blowers, Pumps-Water, Fuel, Oil, Bearings, Rods, Power Assemblies and many components from Bearings to Gaskets to Studs.

Our Product Line offers a complete line of Re-manufactured Engines and Engine Components for the Rail Industry. We Offer a wide range of 7FDL Type Engines that can support most programs. Services include Unit Exchanged, Re-manufactured Outright, and Repair/Return. All Engines are mounted on a Dynomometer to ensure the end user will be able to get a “TrueBlue™" Turn-Key Engine. Our shop is Certified AAR M-1003 and the Quality and Experience of our staff has earned approvals by most Class 1, Class II and Class III and International Railroads.

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