07 June 2021

PowerRail Names New Plant Managers

Duryea, Pennsylvania, June 7, 2021Over the  last 18 months PowerRail has undergone some restructuring within the organization, including the promotion of six outstanding employees across PowerRail’s various manufacturing and repair facilities.


Ray Kelly has been named the new Plant Manager at PowerRail Locomotive Services (PLS) in Monroe, Georgia.  Ray joined the team at PLS in August 2015 with a background in auto mechanics and parts sales.  There he worked as Shop Foreman for six years before being promoted to Plant Manager.


Brad Wujcik joined the PowerRail team in January 2016.  He has served as the Chief Mechanical Officer, Warranty Manager, and provided supervision and guidance to the Shop Foremen and Plant Managers over the years.  In his new role, Brad will serve as the Manager of PowerRail Mobile Maintenance, also based in Monroe, Georgia, while continuing as the CMO.


Dave Lescoe has been named the new Plant Manager at Cooper Bearings in Georgetown, Delaware.  Dave first joined the PowerRail team in early 2014 as a welder at Avoca Rail Products.  There he worked as the Team Lead on PowerRail’s Gear Case line for six years before being promoted to Plant Manager at Cooper Bearings.


Bruce Washney joined the PowerRail team in 2013 to help manage the newly acquired machine shop in Duryea, Pennsylvania, now known as PowerRail Industries.  Bruce has a deep knowledge and skill set in tooling and is also an experienced machinist.  Bruce will now serve as the new Plant Manager for PowerRail Industries.


Prior to joining the PowerRail family Dan Thompson was the Shop Foreman at Avoca Fabrication, located in Duryea, Pennsylvania on the same campus as PowerRail's Corporate Office.  In December 2014, PowerRail acquired Avoca Fabrication and all its employees, creating Avoca Rail Products.  Dan continued in his same role for over six years and has now been named the new Plant Manager of Avoca Rail Products.


Since the relocation of PowerRail Manufacturing and PowerRail Electronics Technology to the new facility in Connersville, Indiana, Shelby Steele remains the Plant Manager over both entities.  Shelby has been a part of the PowerRail Family since 2008, and has worked on numerous production lines, learning many of the PowerRail products.


PowerRail is a United States-based company, with additional locations in various parts of the world.  Originally formed in 2003 in Wilke-Barre, Pa., the PowerRail Corporate Offices and Main Distribution Center are now located on a 7+ acre site in Duryea, Pa.  The PowerRail Family of Companies proudly offers a wide range of rail-related parts and components.  Locations include PowerRail Corporate, Avoca Rail, and PowerRail Industries all of Duryea, Pa; Cooper Bearings of Georgetown, Del; PowerRail Manufacturing, PowerRail Electronics Technology, and Rail and Traction North America all of Connersville, Ind; and PowerRail Locomotive Services and Mobile Maintenance of Monroe, Ga.  International locations include PowerRail Europe and PowerRail Australia.