26 February 2021

Facility Spotlight: PowerRail Electronics Technology

Facility Spotlight: PowerRail Electronics Technology

PowerRail Electronics and Technology, established in March of 2010, broadened PowerRail’s capabilities by adding electrical components to our already extensive list of offerings. Now, PowerRail is known throughout the rail industry for their complete line of new and remanufactured electrical components that offer reliability and quality for all demanding applications.


PowerRail’s full line of new and remanufactured control stands are designed and fabricated in-house. We offer control stands 100% NEW, inside and out, as well as a cost-effective alternative with remanufactured components. Our budget-friendly options are completely customizable to meet the needs and specifications of our customers.


“Over the years, we have been able to provide numerous customers with custom Control Stands to meet their needs,” said Shelby Steele, General Manager of PowerRail Electronics and PowerRail Manufacturing. “Some are completely new, while others wanted to use an existing shell and simply replace the interior components. That’s what our customers love about PowerRail…we’re able to provide exactly what they need…no more, no less.”


As a lead supplier in the rail industry, PowerRail Electronics proudly offers a full line of both EMD-style and GE-style control stands, electrical cabinets, contactors, controllers, relays, modules, panels, power supplies, and other related electrical parts and components.


PowerRail is a United States-based company, with several locations in various parts of the world. Originally formed in 2003 in Wilke-Barre, Pa., the PowerRail Corporate Offices and Main Distribution Center are now located on a 7+ acre site in Duryea, Pa. PowerRail proudly offers a wide range of new and rebuilt rail-related parts and components, including bearings and journal boxes, electrical rotating parts, engine components, compressors, pumps, and motors, from our various manufacturing facilities across the US. In addition, we offer locomotive rebuilds, overhauls, and mobile maintenance at our locomotive shop. PowerRail is also a global supplier with locations in Europe and Australia.